(Not so helpful) Flight Booking Guide

This Wanderlust Wednesday, I wanted to try something new. So here is post I wrote yesterday (totally not during my political economy class…).

Many people are wondering how to book the flight tickets like traveler. In fact some of my most popular posts that get new comments often are about travelling cheap and adventuring like traveler not tourist. Whatever that “like traveler” means here is my 5 levels of booking tickets. This works for me but please don’t take anything seriously and maybe listen someone more experienced than me. I hope you will enjoy!

5. The art of decising your destination

Deciding where you want to go seems like good way of starting trip planning and flight booking. This is a lie! Be adventurous and leave deciding for those who just want safe boring holiday. Throw dart to world map and go where it points. Or look the flight deals and take cheap one. Where ever you there is amazing adventures coming to your way.


Photos from: unsplash.com

4. Three months before your trip and other tricks

There is as many secret tricks as there is people. Some say that best time to book your flight tickets is three months before your trip. Others swear for the only buy your tickets on Tuesday rule. I have never really thought these. Usually I am too late for that three months mark and who has time to wait for Tuesday when wanderlust is taking over your life!

So is there any tricks I have learned? Making my travel route complicated. Did you know that cheapest round trip flight tickets from Finland to France cost 120€ while from Stockholm to France it costs only 35€ (and it takes 30€ from Finland to Stockholm and back). So you see why I love this ‘trick’? Other one I have learned is collecting airline points.




3. Panic, be unproductive and plan like a pro

The most important part of any travel planning is the panicking stage. Walk circles in your home and think all the negative things this trip may cause. Never forget considering airplanes falling or your luggage disappearing. After panicking enough it’s time to stare guide books without doing any real planning. This may take hours, days, weeks or even months. In hopeless cases even years.

After getting over your insecurities it’s time to start the real planning. What time do you want to travel, how to get to airport and from airport to the city?



2. Time to buy the tickets

It’s finally time to buy the tickets! Go on the right web site (I prefer to buy straight from the airline websites.It’s usually cheaper.), select your flights and use your beloved money to buy the tickets. That’s it really. The most important (only important) part of buying your tickets part. Don’t consider or get scared, just buy.



1. Share the good news with world (after panicking some more)

Again time to panic! You have flight tickets so it is real now: you are going to travel somewhere. If you are like me you probably forgot the plan properly ahead part and are now in totally phase of panicking. Don’t worry it will pass quickly.

After panicking it is time to take the next step (also known as the “make all your social media friends jealous”). Yep, it’s time to tell everyone that you are going. I recommend leaving that make everyone jealous part out of this step but I know how it feels to be excited about your new flight tickets. So smile for the camera and put nice photo to Facebook telling everyone the cool destination you will soon head to.

.          .          .

I hope you liked my not so helpful tips that will probably make your flight tickets booking experience horrible. For me this works but I am that person who has to fail to win.

Do you have any bad flight ticket booking tips? Or maybe good ones that would be helpful for everyone? Like always feel free to comment whatever you have in mind?

So did you like this kind of ‘not so official’ travel post?
I hope you are all having an amazing day!
With love,

Viivi Severina



23 thoughts on “(Not so helpful) Flight Booking Guide

  1. Booking tickets is like the stock market to me sometimes but I want it to drop instead of it going down. I been looking at flights through google flights . I have got the place I want to stay settle yet so I feel like everyday i wait the ticket price just goes up (summer prices). Do you usually book the ticket and the place you stay on the same day?

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    1. I usually buy flight tickets first and then book accommodation. So if for some reason I can’t get the tickets then I wouldn’t need that place to stay.

      And for accommodation I have realized that usually the earlier you buy the cheaper the price is. Because of that I think the cheapest thing to do is to buy right away and on the same day as you buy your flight tickets.

      I have heard many good things about Google Flights but haven’t used it myself. I usually use skyscanner because for me it is the easiest way to see the cheapest flights. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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      1. Thank you for the tips! I’m tryign to plan a long trip and was kind of overwhelm by the prices and etc. Like for example whether I’m getting the best deal I can possibly find.

        Have you ever had the feeling if you waited for something and hope that it will be cheaper? Would you wait or kind of just go for it? (sorry I got too much questions 😦

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        1. I know what you mean! It is stressful to find the best price. i am bad at waiting. I always feel like if I don’t buy right away the price is going to rise. But then again you may buy the tickets and realize that the price has dropped. I don’t really have tip for this so I would just go and buy.

          Of course if you can wait until some special holiday many airlines have good offers then. Like easter, christmas etc. But this really depends on airline not every company has this kind of offers.

          And it’s okay to ask questions! I am happy to answer even if I may not be that good at telling anything useful.

          Thanks for commenting and I hope you can find cheap tickets and will have safe travels! 🙂

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          1. Oh nooooo! I find your answers and your post very useful.! Like I didn’t know about the holiday deals. But know I know because of you. So thank you and happy and safe travels to you too! 😀

            Haha I think if I buy the ticket now I won’t check the price again. So I won’t be kicking myself if the price went down xD

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            1. I think not checking the prices after buying is good plan! No need to feel bad when you don’t know what the new price would be. 😀
              And thank you! I am always ready to answer any questions 🙂

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  2. Sometimes we look at an airline and how its been doing. This may require some research.
    For example we realize that Cathay hasn’t been doing well mid last year and looked up their site. We got our 5 nights’ stay with SIN-BKK return flights for less than S$900. This is for two persons and the hotel is a 4-star branded one!

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    1. You are true royalties of travel hacking then! That is amazing. Everyone has their own ways of finding the cheapest deals and you have found good one. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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  3. Keep an eye out for specials.. I got my tickets from Australia to London about 5 months before travel and got them at a ridiculously low price (for flights from Australia to London anyway!) .. I completely agree with booking direct with the airline – that’s good to if anything happens, I think you are more covered by booking direct.

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    1. I totally agree with you but my experience in the last 8 years was 50-75 days before departure or 6 months.

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      1. It’s weird isn’t it? I got a good deal once about 11 months from travel. I’m always too scared to wait though & want my tickets as soon as possible haha.

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          1. Patience is the key! But I know why so many people have problems with it… It’s just so stressful when you can’t know if the ticket prices will fall or rise. It is also hard to know when is the best time. Some believe it is the three months but others have different “best times” to buy. And sometimes there is better deals in random times.

            Thank you for commenting both of you! 🙂


            1. Always! I love talking about that stuff too. Getting ideas, tips and tricks from others is beneficial and good. Thanks for sharing!

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