Great Plans & Lost Motivation

I am here again. Maybe I am back, maybe I am not. At least I am trying and that’s the most important thing, right? I wanted to start blogging again by sharing my future travel and blogging plans with you. I just returned from Italy and I am leaving again next week so that alone should tell you that the rest of my year is going to be full of adventures.

Budapest and Something More

So, next week I am flying to Budapest. I will stay there a few days before continuing to Bratislava and Prague by bus. I still haven’t planned the last week of my two weeks adventure in east Europe so if anyone has any recommendations of cities to visit I would be more than happy to hear them. Budapest has been on my “visit as soon as possible” list for some time now so when I got good flight deal there was no way for me to skip this possibility. The other places I am going to visit are just extra thing to make this adventure perfect.

Iceland and NEW YORK

I have wanted to visit Iceland for the longest time but combining it with my first USA trip is like a dream come true. I am going to New York. NEW YORK!! Can you believe that? I surely don’t. My trip happens in November and December. I will be staying almost week in Iceland and after that a few weeks in New York. Once again if you have any recommendations or travel tips for these destinations I would appreciate any help. The trip is going to be even better because I will meet one of my travel blogger friends in Iceland. It’s always so amazing to see someone else who is as passionate as I am about traveling and writing about it.

Copenhagen and Malmö, maybe?

Because I have long free period between this east Europe adventure and my trip to Iceland and USA there is enough space for one more bigger trip. I have been thinking about going to Copenhagen and Malmö. It’s not that expensive from Finland and both of these cities seem interesting. Has anyone visited them? Are they worth of going? Or then if I can get cheap deal I will literally go anywhere. We will see…

Remote Open University

And for those who don’t know yet… I think that I have finally found the right university path for myself! This autumn I will start studying towards creative writing degree in Finnish remote open university. After I have used about three years (if I don’t run out of money first…) to studying I will transfer to “real university” and graduate from there. Then I just have to start looking for interesting master’s degree. For the first time I think that this will be the thing I can study for the next three years or even longer.

Working, working, working…

To live this life style I have decided (paying for open university tuition and traveling too much for my own good…) I have to earn money. Currently I am working on Fiverr and have my main income coming from there. I have also been thinking about finding other freelancer sites like Fiverr to get even more customers. I haven’t yet found way to make money with my blog but I am not even sure if I want.

Plans for my blog

And finally we can talk about some plans for my blog. I am currently trying to make proper time for blogging in my not very busy schedule but I have lost my motivation. I think it must be because so many people are reading what I have to say and it’s stressing me out too much. I will try to return to my two times a week schedule. I have already planned a posts for the next few weeks and I have at least one guest post coming up here in my blog next Wednesday. There is also many travel stories I haven’t yet shared with you so hopefully I will find my motivation and write about them.

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Like always all comments are welcome and I would appreciate all travel tips for the destinations I have mentioned. What do people do when they have lost blogging motivation? I truly want to write more but it is just so hard to start…

I hope you are having an amazing day!
With love,

Lost Viivi


36 thoughts on “Great Plans & Lost Motivation

    1. I am leaving to New York next month. But I am already so excited! It feels like big dream that just won’t be true. Thanks for commenting and I hope you get to visit New York soon 🙂

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  1. Sometimes it’s so hard to find motivation and time when everything in life gets busy! Glad I found your blog though it’s so fun for me to see other people’s travels and adventures from other countries!
    Can’t wait for more posts!


  2. Your upcoming travelling sounds amazing. I have visited some of the places so you might be able to find a few ideas from my blog. I’m really looking forward to reading about Iceland and Copenhagen I’d love to go to those places one day!

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  3. You will love New York and Iceland. Iceland is such a beautiful country. If you can, go out into the countryside by yourself. The coach trips, 2 of which I did, are a good way to get out but there will always be crowds of people with you. I wish I had been able to go out on my own. Maybe next time. New York in winter is cold but amazing. I loved skating in Central Park. You can skate at Rockefeller Plaza but Central Park is cheaper. I also loved seeing all the decorations in the shop windows for Christmas. Enjoy, and share as much as you want us. It’s your blog, your rules!

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    1. Hmmm maybe I should go! That sound cool idea and something I would love because getting lost by myself is always a good thing. And New York being cold shouldn’t be a problem because I live in Finland and I would bet that our winter is a lot colder. 😀 Thanks for all these tips. I will definitely keep them in mind! 🙂


  4. Ah this sounds familiar to me. My blog is even worse with long breaks in between but I think the same way too. It should ‘t matter how long the break is as long as we keep trying right? I tend to think too much whenever it comes to my blog and I have high expectations that often frustrates me that I just put it off. Just keep going on whenever you feel unmotivated. Or just post whatever content you want rather than think too much into it. That’s the problem that I’m trying to overcome with my writing.

    Anyway, it sounds like you have a lot of exciting plans coming up, hope you enjoy everything to the fullest! 🙂

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  5. New York is amazing!! You’ll love it – it’s a few years since I visited, but I’ll think of some recommendations!
    As for the blogging, remember that it’s your blog, and your rules. There’s no schedule other than what you want it to be, and no pressure – we’ll all be here to read and support whenever you’re ready! Just wait for it to all flow naturally.; it’ll come! 😊 x

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  6. Hello my love! Pretty busy and it sounds so familiar 😛 You can also visit a few cities in Poland. The weather is still great and the country is not only beautiful but super cheap 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I was thinking about visiting Poland because I went to Gdansk this spring and loved it! 🙂 it’s just so hard to pick out city to visit. Thanks for commenting!


  7. Yes, that’s the most important thing. Wow, cool plan for travelling, studying, working, and all. Enjoy it all. And really nice to see you back again. 🙂

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  8. You will have great fun in Budapest! it cheap, beautiful and lovely city! Besides, Copenhagen and Malmo also seems to be good options! So much traveling, must be damn exciting! 🙂

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    1. Well they I have to first go to Malmo to get in Copenhagen so I have to visit both of them if I visit one of them 😀 But thanks! Maybe I will start properly planning this trip too then 🙂

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