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I just bought domain for my blog! How exiting is that? I wanna thank all of you reading my blog and making me feel like my voice is heard. I hope you will like my future content. Thank you!

And I had to make new bloglovin’ for my blog so if you are there feel free to follow me.

With love,

Viivi Severina



Planning, planning, planning…

Hi there! How are you? Today I’m talking about what is happening currently with me, my blog and of course my travels.


Travel Plans

I will start my summer working and do some cleaning in my relatives’ summer cottage. While there I will take some amazing Finnish cottage pics for you and write new Surviving Finland post about Finns’ secret summer lives.

Like I have mentioned before I have been sick lately and because of that had to forgot my plans to go France in June. However I’m going to Sweden with my family! We will go to cruise from Helsinki, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden in the end of this month.

By the end of summer/autumn I may carry out my France plans. It depends on many things but I hope it will work out. -please cross your fingers for me-

I haven’t yet decided how to use my free flight but fortunately I have almost year left to spend it. Currently Iceland and Dubai are on the top of my list. (I realized that flights to Amsterdam are so cheap that I can make that trip by buying the tickets myself.)

Other trips I am planning to do this year are to Tallinn (cheap to travel by ship) and Gdansk (cheap to fly from Turku, Finland). And from Tallinn maybe by bus to somewhere in Europe.


University… Or Not?

Big part of my planning is still uncertain because of this big question. I did aply to University even if I wasn’t sure if I want to get in. I would like to study the areas I selected but rather than living student life I would travel and see where this life takes me.

The university exam results come out at the end of this month so then I know. The travel will not stop in any case. My new student life would start in Turku where they have good airport and possibilities to travel around the world.


The Photo Problem

Some of you may have noticed that my photos are running short. I haven’t done long posts about my own travels for a couple of weeks. And that’s because my old computer died -RIP the loyal Samsung laptop from 2000’s- and my pictures are somewhere inside it!

Fortunately I have saved them to external memory device but I have kind of lost that thing. So I have been cleaning my room the last week just so I could find that memory device and present posts with pictures for you.

Hopefully I will find it today but don’t worry even without those photos I have new posts planned. (And I’m always happy to hear ideas what would you like to read on my blog!)



This was quite mixed thing of everything but I felt like keeping you up about my plans. Starting from now you can find all my coming travels updated from the upper menu’s My Plans page.

Have you been planning any travels for this summer? Or maybe some ideas for me what should I do in the destinations I’m going to visit?


Hoping to travel already,


PS. I made Instagram! @lostsneakers