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Hello there!

I’m Viivi aka the blogger behind Go Travel Global blog.

There’s not that much to tell about me expect that. I’m always lost or getting into trouble while traveling all around the world. I swear crazy things just keep happening to me even if I try to keep away from them! When I’m not traveling I read or write and the not so secret dream of mine is to publish a book someday in the future.

If you are just interested in travel guides I write, start from HERE.

But those who would rather know more about me should start by reading these posts:

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There’s a lot of people who only seem to tune in for my crazy travel stories

Sharing a hostel room with a very naked swimming team
Accidentally getting lost to an abandoned amusement park in Japan
How I book my flights and trips?

I also LOVE to write travel guides about courage, being lost and random things like that.

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And don’t forget to read the yearly recaps I make!

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Thanks for stopping by in my blog and I hope you will return sometime soon!

With love,
Lost Viivi