My Travel Year 2016

It’s the last day of year 2016 and I have decided to (totally not be original and) write summary of my travel year 2016.

This year has been eventful one for me. A lot of travelling, move to new city and starting studying again. Because everyone else is doing these year 2016 things I decided to gather together my own travel memories and best post from the present year (four hours till midnight!)

Missing Japan

Travel Year 2016: Japan KyotoMy year started with being happy to be finally back at home but still missing my amazing three months in Japan. At this state of my mind I also started this blog! One of the best decisions of my year I think. Who said after travel blues can’t cause good things to happen.

Surprising Trip To France

Travel year 2016 MontpellierThe first trip of my year was to France! I was invited to spend two weeks in sunny Montpellier. I got to see the beautiful beach towns, old streets and kind French people.

Too many cruises

Tallinn's Old Town QuoteThis year was also full of shorter cruises because my schedule was quite booked with the school. I did family cruise to Sweden and travelled to Tallinn for the first time (and for the second time to see the Christmas Market).

Travelling in Finland

Travel Year 2016 Helsinki

End of my summer was full of university exams around Finland so I did more than a few trips around the country. Sometimes it’s good to explore your own home country and see what is has to offer. For example I visited Helsinki, Seitseminen National Park and moved to new city.

London Holiday

Big ben and Telephone box London

The biggest travel I did this autumn was to London. I got to visit Harry Potter attractions and see a lot of things I had seen when I was younger. Everything is in different point of view when you see it for the second, third or fourth time.


My Blogging Year 2016

When this year changes we also come closer to my blog’s first year’s end. I have written many different posts but here is some of the best/most popular ones:


My travel bucket list post of me explaining what are my biggest travel dreams.

My travel post about seeing Tallinn’s Christmas market.

My travel diary to London.

Kiasma museum helsinki

30 travel things I want to do before I turn 30 years old.

Travel rant: being scared…

So all in all I have had quite good year, right? A lot of travelling but I think my next year is going to be even more full of adventures. How has your year been? And how are you going to spend the coming year 2017?

Happy New Year for Everyone!

With love,

Viivi Severina




32 thoughts on “My Travel Year 2016

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and great post! Your 2016 travel sounded brilliant, hope your 2017 goes the same!

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      1. Yours is a selfhosted blog right! Mine too… I am not getting the comment option on the WordPress app, but the comments through the web page of the blog are enabled, so, I am losing comments through wp reader. Can you please help?

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        1. Well I’m wordpress hosted with my own domain name but I don’t really know how to help you with the problem. Have you tried deleting the app and downloading it again? Or maybe you have something wrong in your settings…

          Like maybe you have on setting that makes you first approve the comments before they are published. Or something else?

          I don’t really know. I’m bad at internet stuff so maybe you should send message to wordpress staff and ask them?

          I hope you will solve the problem. 🙂

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  2. Looks like you have had a very good year with plenty of interesting travels around the world. I also visited Tallinn and Helsinki Christmas markets to soak up some Christmas spirit. Happy New Year, here’s to lots of new adventures!

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    1. Well, we have both been soaked with Christmas spirits then this year. I hope you enjoyed the markets as much as I did. Happy new year and I hope a lot of amazing adventures for you too!


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