My Travel Bucketlist

My birthday is in couple of days and I just realized I will turn 21. The numbers grow faster and faster after every year and I just stay same. There is so many things I want to do before dying, places to visit, people to meet and dreams to achieve.

I have never done official bucket list for myself. Until now all the things have just been on my head. Today I put all my dreams on paper and now I want to introduce my official bucket list for you!


  • Visit all the continents (Currently: 3)
  • Go to at least 30 different countries (Currently: 10)
  • Don’t have permanent home but live in hostels
  • Couchsurfing
  • Around the world trip on cruise ship
  • Ride hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey
  • Swim in infinity pool
  • Travel to 15 different Finnish cities and make blog posts about them
  • Go to safari
  • Travel around Europe by cheap buses
  • Visit the Amazon
  • Spend night in the glass igloos (Finland)
  • Visit abandoned amusement park (maybe will share this story with you in future)
  • Do volunteer work and help animals
  • Wash elephants
  • See the pyramids and ride camel  (I rode camel once on family vacation)
  • Hike E10 trail/Finland from South to North
  • Be up all night on beach
  • Island hopping on Thailand, Philippines, Singapore
  • Live week without internet
  • Travel through Russia by Trans-Siberian railway
  • See a broadway musical
  • Get lost in big garden labyrinth
  • Spend night in lighthouse (did this once when younger)
  • Visit Easter Island
  • Bungee jump (with my fear of highs this may never happen)
  • Interrail around Europe
  • Be vegetarian for month
  • Sleep in an ice hotel
  • Add a lock to Love Lock Bridge in Paris
  • Go to fashion show
  • Spend night in a tree house
  • Hike to top of the mountain and see sun set and rise
  • See Venice by gondola
  • Do Working Holiday year in Australia or New Zealand
  • Hike to Mt. Fuji
  • Go to kpop concert in South Korea
  • Visit North Korea
  • Luxury holiday in beautiful seaside resort
  • Road trip through USA
  • Go to Disney Cruise (because why not?)
  • Live at least three months in Germany
  • See cherry blossoms in Japan
  • Get five hundred readers for my blog (it’s good to have impossible goals right?)
  • Attractions to see:
    • Machu Picchu
    • Taj Mahal
    • Stonehenge
    • Grand Canyon
    • Berlin Wall
    • Dead Sea
    • the Great Wall of China
  • Festivals to attend:
    • St. Patricks day, Dublin
    • Floating Lantern Festival
    • Halloween treck, Transylvania
    • Oktoberfest (learn to drink beer)
    • Las Fallas, Valencia
    • Festival of colors/Holi Festifal
    • La Tomatina, Bunol (Spain)
  • Cities to visit:
    • Brighton, UK
    • Busan, South Korea
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Budapest, Hungary
    • Sydney, Australia
    • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    • Moscow, Russia
    • NY, USA
    • Bali, Indonesia
    • Krakow, Poland
    • Jerusalem, Israel
    • Havana, Cuba
    • Reykjavik, Iceland
    • Bangkok, Thailand
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands



I’m more than happy to hear about your bucketlists and places must to visit! Did I forget some important destinations from my list?

Starting from today my bucketlist is accessible on the upper menu. I will try to remember update it and cross the things I have accomplished.

With love and big age crisis,

Viivi Severina



47 thoughts on “My Travel Bucketlist

  1. If You someday will visit Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, then do not forget to visit “Little Finland” in Brazil – Penedo. It is awesome place in the tropics. Think that You can swim in a pool and then go to Sauna. Think that You can buy Christmas things with Finnish style and maybe meet Santa also. The best of Penedo is its Club where every Saturday there are dances, Finnish dances. It is awesome to see how Brazilians dance and enjoy Finnish dances. In this post, I tell more about Penedo with videos also.

    I have visited there three times when young.

    Airing national costumes .

    Happy and safe travels!

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  2. I love travel bucket lists! I keep thinking about things I want to do all the time. I’ll have to update mine in a while ( in case you’re interested) because I managed to cross off another item. It’s funny how we’re sharing some stuff. Me, too, I want to ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia!
    Since you inspired me, I’ve added some stuff to my own bucket list. I hope you don’t mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your bucket list looks amazing too! I really liked the African ones. Of course you can take things from my list because I don’t own them. 😀 I will probably add some ideas from your list to mine if it’s okay with you? Thanks for commenting 🙂

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      1. Yes, of course. I think travel is a lot about exchanging ideas with others. The more travellers I meet, the more I want to leave on my next trip because there are just too many things to see and do.

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    1. Thank you! Making bucketlist was handy for me because now I remember all the cool thing/places I hear about (usually my short memory forgets them) 🙂

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    1. I’m so jealous! 🙂 That’s my dream. I hope you can visit Antarctica soon. It may be a little harder than the other continents.


  3. Nice that you already know about the stuffs, especially “Do Working Holiday year in Australia or New Zealand” I was too late to know it. *you guess my age*. 😀 😀
    Btw, let me know when you are about visiting Bali, Indonesia, let’s see if have free time then. 🙂

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    1. Well you can always visit New Zealand and Australia just for fun 🙂 And I know your age because it reads in your blog introducing page (I swear I’m not stalker even if I noticed that your blog is just nice to read :D)

      It may take some time before I can come to bali but I will remember that. And if you ever end up coming to Finland I would be happy to show you around here 🙂


      1. Kekekekkeke. Ah yes. You read it. 😀 *blushing*
        I always read the about page before following a blog. I swear I’m not a stalker either. 😀
        Noted to those Bali and Finland trip. 🙂

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  4. *Phew* That’s a lot! I probably have the same amount without realizing it. Well, good luck. I’ve been traveling for a long time, but still have a lot of destinations I’d like to visit. It doesn’t hurt daydream, eh. 😀

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    1. I haven’t realized there was so many before writing them down! But the idea isn’t to do them right away but someday in the future and daydreaming is always good thing 🙂


    1. You should do it! It was quite fun to write everything down and I even got some new ideas I want to do as soon as possible. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  5. Happy early birthday!! These are great, and you’re going to love Bali! If you need any suggestions on where to go, just ask me or my friend Allie from thewondrouslifeofalliem :))

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    1. Thank you! Bali seems so amazing place to visit but I think it will take some time before I will go there. And thank you I will definitely ask your suggestions when I need 🙂

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