Travel Rant: Dear Mom & Dad…

Warning! Very personal rant ahead…


Dear mom & dad,

(and all other family members, friends and curious strangers),

you can’t stop me so please let me do my own thing. Sorry.

I didn’t know how to tell this for you face to face so here I am writing my blog. You know me and that’s why this may not be so huge surprise. I have booked a trip. Or well several trips to be exact. Adventures around the world. I have done some planning and that’s never a good thing from your point of view.

This coming autumn I will do a few week trips around Europe. I will go to Iceland because it has been my dream to visit that cold country as long as I can remember. I will finally visit America for the first time in my life. And if I get a good last minute deal to anywhere, I will take it.

But don’t worry. My autumn won’t be just all fun and games. Or well it kind of will be but in the good way. You already know that I will start studying creative writing in remote open university. During this autumn I’m planning to write a lot. And when I say that I mean A LOT. The last week I have been planning my autumn’s time management. I want to give even more time for blogging. Because I need money to do all this I will take even more jobs from internet. I have everything planned out.

I know you hope that I would just “get a job” or “go to real school” but it’s not that simple.

Why do you think I have been changing my plans so much lately? Veterinary, translation, literature, business, media studies. The universities I have been applied to have been all over the place. And then for some reason I have never found the strength to study enough to get in. I am not stupid, I just don’t have any motivation to get in any of those schools.

After reading about this creative writing course I felt like everything just made so much more sense. Can you even understand how excited and happy I am right now? I don’t think I have been waiting anything this enthusiastically since the time I started in high school. And even then it didn’t feel as right choice as this one does.

I know that creative writing isn’t exactly the most paying job. And I know that using all my savings to travel sounds immature and just plainly stupid. This won’t be the easiest route and there would probably be a lot better choices I could have made. BUT I will regret the rest of my life if I don’t try living the way I want right now.

The point of this small post was to tell you that this next year and probably during the rest of my life I will be doing a lot of decisions that may seem idiotic to you. The way I spend money traveling may seem reckless. And the things I decide to study will probably sound as useless as possible. But I hope you remember that this is MY LIFE and that I have to do this because if I just accept the normal path everyone else is taking I will never know if taking the crazy path would have worked out just fine.

So please, just accept the things I do. Because even if you aren’t here for me during this crazy adventure, I will keep going towards the future I want.

With love,

Your oldest child


27 thoughts on “Travel Rant: Dear Mom & Dad…

  1. As we always say..follow your heart and keep going whatever it takes chase your dreams! keep writing, keep traveling and maybe keep doing mistakes but even if you fall, fall forward..keep learning and keep going ahead! All the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. It feels great to read your post.all the best wishes for your Iceland trip and future trips.enjoy your trip with anubhav.i think you must tell your parents that you are planning this tripto Iceland.after lot thinking I have come to conclusion that you should not hide with your parents and anubhav should not hide either .All the best to both of you.

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    1. I don’t really have idea what you are talking about but thanks I guess? Right now I am traveling alone to Iceland. We were planning to see there for a moment because our travel plans seemed to match but that’s probably not going to work out because he is in Spain at that time. It’s hard to meet other travel bloggers because our schedules are so different but I am always happy to meet other people who are interested in writing about travel like I am. They truly are the only people who can understand me and my passion for travelling the world. Of course my friends and family try to understand but only some people truly feel passionate towards the traveling and blogging like I do. In fact I hope to meet a few new local travel blogger in New York during my visit there. I am so excited to just go around the city and talk with them. We can never have enough friends from around the world, right?

      I hope all the best for you and hopefully you will have amazing travels in the future too!


      1. Thanks ..Yes I hope too to meet other travel persons..ohk..Anubhav told me because of you only,he was trying hard to travel to Iceland hitting his bank balance almost to zero.Anyways when travel keeps you happy,money comes secondary.I wish I could be traveling more like you and Anubhav.Without any worries and less money.All the best for your NewYork trip.Looking for blogs and pictures

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        1. Well it’s not really me but Iceland. I hope he gets to visit there because he has been talking about seeing amazing Icelandic nature so long. And I can understand that. I could use all my money if I just could travel to South Korea with a good reason and even meet travel bloggers there. It’s my dream destination. But maybe some day… Who knows! Traveling may seem hard and almost impossible for some people but in reality it is easy. Traveling alone is the best thing that has happened to me and I totally recommend it for you too! I hope you will find a way to travel and discover yourself at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I think you are doing the right thing by making you happy and choosing your own path. Not everyone has the courage to do that so mad props to you!!! Wish you the best of luck in everything !!


  4. My dear child, Father’s little Viivi Severina โ€œbagsteenโ€.
    You tapped cold water on my neck – when we just talked about what plans are going on after the summer job.
    You know that, I have always been there for you (as father), and I will be support you always.
    I’m happy for you, because I can see that you have grown by an independent fine lady who makes things always in front of their best.
    I’ve got to follow your growth and I believe that you are moving (much earlier than I) spiritual growth ahead. I just ask you to check that your plans are not based on the mind’s misguidance, for our mind brings all sorts of beliefs, stories of ours or any other thinks that are not true.
    I believe that you understand that in all of us there is also a mental level and a spiritual level in life. Where do I come from, where do I go and who am I? Your spiritual home and your highest self will certainly be found over time when you talk to yourself. If you can take a time by yourself you person learn to know the highest yourself. Remember that the most important journey of life is to travel to yourself! Dare to make your own choices and to take those responsibilities is a great gift that you have received. I’m always there for you, whatever you decide to do. I endorse wholeheartedly the opinion that you have to follow you own path.
    Your beloved father.

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    1. Thank you for being there for me!
      I will definitely be careful and do my own thinking before following my dreams.
      If I fail then I fail but even then there is so many things i can learn by trying to follow my dreams.
      Nothing is easy but if I just got everything automatically it would be boring.
      I will try to find myself and think the questions you mentioned.
      Whatever happens I will make sure that i am happy.

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  5. This post made me smile. Not everyone will understand you and your motivations/desires and that’s ok. Not everyone has the courage to pursue their dreams and that is sad to me. They end up living with regrets. You are going to have the time of your life and I look forward to reading about it. You got this ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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    1. Thank you and I am happy if this made you smile. I wrote it for my parents but if other people find it interesting that’s even better. Let’s both follow our dreams and not be those people who have to regret not doing something they wanted. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Ei se oo pรครคtรถs eikรค mikรครคn, jos ei joku pahastu ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. Go girl. Go live your life. Go chase your dream if it is what you want and it makes you who you want to be. Your parents will understand, may be not now, but they will.

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