Story Time: Very Naked Swimming Team

My three weeks traveling around eastern Europe are over and I am ready to share the first story from my trip. This story is about odd roommates I had while my last night in Bratislava: men’s swimming team with a habit of walking around without anything else except their tight underwear! Yes, you did read that sentence correctly. During those 24 hours, I probably saw more naked bodies than my brain could handle.

So, here is funny travel story of how I survived 24 hours in a small room with 8 half naked swimmers. Enjoy!


It all started when I returned earlier than usually from getting lost around the town. I had been on free walking tour and my legs were literally killing me so all I wanted was a nice evening drinking tea and watching Netflix in my hostel bed. Like usually that didn’t go as planned. I walked to my floor and there was odd smell like I had just arrived in swimming hall. I just thought that someone was cleaning. Nothing can be wrong at afternoon in a hostel, right?

Then I opened my dorm’s door and expected to see the empty room like every other day. My mouth was probably hanging open because there in front of me was about eight dudes jumping around only in their underwear. Okay, maybe I am lying. Only two of them were in their underwear while the rest of the boys had jeans on but no shirts. For a few seconds, I just stood there but was woken up from my trance quickly after they greeted me happily in unison. Yep, in unison…

It took me about five seconds to grab my computer and run out of the room. My relaxed movie night was totally destroyed because there was no way I was going back to the room while they were there hanging out nakedly. Those boys were literally sitting in front of my bed so, me trying to watch a movie there would have been more than awkward.

Like it hadn’t been clear from our first encounter I quickly realized that these boys truly didn’t have any restrictions. They were walking to the shower and back using only small towels. They also showered together in the small shower stalls. There was a lot of screaming and laughing coming from the shower rooms. I don’t even wanna know what happened there and if I believe the faces of my fellow hostel guests neither did they.


This is also the point where I decided that they must be swimming team or in fact, my friend suggested so. They didn’t have a problem being almost naked, they looked exactly like swimmers, there was that odd swimming hall smell from earlier and let’s not even talk about the showering thing. Definitely men’s swimming team!

However, I wasn’t the only person sharing the room with them even if I was the one who “got most of them”. Meaning that all the beds next to and above of mine were taken by them. There was also one Australian girl sharing room with us. When she returned back from the city about half an hour after me I was just going to warn her but did it too late. She had opened the door to our hell (or heaven?)

She just stood there, like I had, staring inside not knowing what to do. After finally going inside she came out of the room even faster than I had. With the scandalized look, she sat next to me and neither of us knew what to say. After we ended up laughing too much for the situation we were stuck in (aka both of us too scared to spend time in our room) she left back to see the city while I continued eating. We were totally in trouble with our new roommates.

I had time to watch one full movie on Netflix before the swimming team left our room fully dressed looking like they were going to bar. For a few hours, I was able to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Then the hell broke again.


Boys were back. And so was the chaos. Let’s just say that I saw a lot of butts. For some reason, a few of them went back to the showers and the rest of them jumped around my bed. In the end, I decided to escape the awkward moments by playing dead. It may sound stupid but playing dead is the best way to escape any situation for those who live a lot in hostels. Just face the wall and close your eyes. Maybe even put headphones on. Everyone thinks you are sleeping and you don’t have to be part of any social encounters.

My morning didn’t differ a lot from the night before. Swimmers woke up before sunrise, some of them earlier than others because they wanted to shower, surprise, surprise… Usually, I am the roommate who isn’t disturbed by anything but a bunch of naked guys screaming at each other at six am almost made me snap. They were slapping each others’ butts with towels and wrestling only a few centimeters from my bed.

For a moment I considered asking them to let me sleep but it would have been too embarrassing. So, I turned to face the wall and put my lifesaving headphones on. I woke up again just before the check-out time and the swimming team had disappeared like they had just been one messy dream. If I didn’t have my panicky messages for my friends as a prove, I would probably think that it was all just my imagination.


Why do I always get the odd ones to room with? Maybe I should write another post full of small stories of my roommates? Would anyone be interested in reading that? I haven’t even told you about the time I shared a room with men having a bachelor party or when one nice man taught me how to learn Japanese Hiraganas if you know how to speak Germany.

Like always all comments are more than welcome and thanks to everyone who has waited patiently even if I have been depressingly inactive lately. I won’t promise anything but hopefully, my blogging motivation has returned.

With love,

Lost Viivi

21 thoughts on “Story Time: Very Naked Swimming Team

    1. I hope I can return to Bratislava as soon as possible. It was really beautiful and interesting. Playing dead is my coping mechanism 😀 Thanks for commenting!


  1. Hahahahahaha, ohlala, a feast for the eyes! You should have just taken photos of all of them…they might very well be up for it too…hahahahaha I can understand the awkwardness though, I imagine I would have been the same way…haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well they might have been happy to pose for my photos but that would have made my awkward feelings even more awkward 😀 but at least it was fun experience to share with everyone now after it is over 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know! It was crazy. I need someone who is part of swimming team to tell me if it is normal or if those boys just were strange! Haha.. At least I got fun memory 🙂


  2. While I usually loathe the hostel groups who are so loud and rowdy ALL THE TIME, I totally would’ve taken advantage of being in a room with swimmers. “Oh, you’re going out? Can I come with? I don’t know anyone here!” *bats eyelashes*
    But wake me up at 6 am? I will slit your throat. Or at least give you the teacher death glare 😛
    I’d love to hear more of your stories!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was fun but a little strange at first. We had no idea what to do because you don’t usually have to share room with half naked handsome men 😀 and then I hated them because of the morning. I don’t care if you are my best friend or even god – if you wake me up I will hate you 😀


    1. It was kind of funny and not that bad at first but I hate anyone who disturbs my morning sleep 😀 but yeah I think that even I have been noisy in hostel dorms so I can understand 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That`s such a good story. That`s why I love travelling as you never know what to expect. Maybe the moment you had those men all around you wasn`t the best one but I am sure after a while you will realise how lucky you were having these crazy memories. I always complain about my adventures when I have them but then I am actually loving it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s same thing for me. During that morning I hated my life but now it’s one of the funniest memories I have from my Europe adventure. Everything turns adventure and story to tell. Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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