Travel Rant: Being Scared of Taxis

I’m going to start this post with confession:

I’m scared of taxis!

I know this sounds crazy for some of you so let me explain a little bit before we start. In Finland we don’t really use taxis that much. It’s more something older or drunk people do. So I have driven taxi in my home country only for few times. Because of that I haven’t been very eager to use taxis in foreigner countries.


I never planned to talk about this insane fear of mine. Well at least not until I got email from company named Ride.Guru. You see the closer I have come to my one thousand readers the more I have started to get emails from different brands. I read all of those messages and see if there is any I want to introduce for you.

Ride.Guru was the first one that caught my eye enough to make me mention them for you (and no this is not paid post. I just really fell in love with their idea!) I think because of them I will more confidently use taxis starting from now on. And their ‘ask the guru‘ section has already helped me to get know more about the “new things” like Uber and Lyft. I may soon be there asking too many questions…

However today we talk about my experiences using taxis while traveling and why my fears are quite insane (like fears usually are…)


So my main reason for being scared of taxis is the price. How the heck can you know what will the ride cost?!? Using taxi seems expensive even if in some countries it may be cheaper and easier than public transportation. And it also is safer than using metro or bus at night time (especially for solo travellers).

For example taking taxi from Paris’ airport to our accommodation with my family was much cheaper than using train. The whole taxi ride I was in fear of huge bill but got happily surprised when it didn’t cost almost anything. Before our trip I had tried to find how much it would cost from different internet sites and forums but found nothing.


Another fear of mine is how to get taxi. Should I call or wave my hand around for all taxis on street? Well I can say now with some experience that this depends on where you are. Getting taxi from airport is easy. Getting taxi somewhere else is super scary (or is it just me?)

Apparently it isn’t as hard as I am imagining… Nowadays you can just use apps like Uber or websites or whatever to get taxi for yourself. And now when I can search from net the prices I think I can start using taxis more. Maybe even on my trip to London next week! I will update you later on if I did or did not have courage to try taxi travel in London.

Do you have any insane fears with transportation like I do? Or am I only one fearing taxi rides? And also if you have any good websites to recommend like Ride.Guru I recommend for you just mention them in comments. I’m always trying to find new places to research for my travels.

I hope you are doing well.
With love,

Viivi Severina


12 thoughts on “Travel Rant: Being Scared of Taxis

  1. A little bit. My biggest (potential) fear is that the driver shows up late or won’t come at all, and I will miss my flight or train. Fortunately, that has never happened 🙂
    Another worry is the price, especially in Scadinavian countries. I used taxi once in Stockholm at night, and the taximeter ticked like every second. More than 20€ for less than 7 mins 🙂

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    1. I don’t worry about taxi not coming but that may only be because I don’t use them enough to think that 🙂 well I hope both of us can get over our worries and fears. Thanks for commenting!

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  2. Taxis scare me a bit too! Thenpotential cost is always a little intimidating, but it’s the driving that gets me every time. The drivers are fearless! Which translates to scaring the heck out of me as a passenger.

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    1. Fortunately I don’t remember being in any taxi with fearless driver. Maybe I don’t use taxis enough to have experienced that 😀 Well at least we are not alone with our fears! Thanks for commenting 🙂


  3. Me too! I just live in fear of getting ripped off or driven off into the middle of nowhere, especially at night. But the more you do it the easier it gets. I read really bad stuff about getting taxis in China for example, but when we used them it was often cheaper than the bus, they all used the meter, and we never had any trouble getting to the right place. Bangkok taxis are super cheap and generally really easy too, even though they have a bad reputation. Just avoid tuk-tuks!

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    1. It’s good to know I’m not the only one! Yeah, it gets easier but I don’t think it will be ever easy for me 😀 I will always be scared of taxis… But good to know about China’s taxis! Thanks for sharing I will keep that in mind when I visit there someday 🙂

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