Photo Diary: Rome

Welcome to yet another photo travel diary! This time we will visit Rome and I will share some photos from this trip I made with my mom a few weeks ago. This time I won’t add any text or explanations but just let the images tell you the story of our trip. Be prepared for too many photos of old buildings but also some sides of Rome you won’t see as often in travel diaries. Enjoy!






Rome Pyramid











Different side of Rome


Street art Rome

Side street of Rome

Different side of Rome

And there was some photos from my Rome trip. If you look at the closely, you can clearly see in what part of the trip my mum left back home and I was left behind alone to Rome. (I will give you tip: street art is my passion!) Have you ever visited Rome or do you maybe recognize any of the places seen in my photos? Like always all comments are more than welcome!

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Lost Viivi


49 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Rome

      1. Agree… unfortunately due to the limited time we had in Rome, we were not able to explore as much as you did… thank you for showing other parts of Rome..

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. My family and I are thinking of Going to Rome for a few days in the next few months. 😊xx

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    1. Thank you! I think you will have amazing time there. Rome is nice but there is also just too many things to see so be prepared to not see some of the major things. Have a nice holiday 🙂

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    1. I was thinking about writing best things to do/tips for trip to Rome in a few weeks but because you are asking I will be publishing it on Wednesday!

      But to give away a few tips right away go to Vatican! And remember to buy the tickets before hand from internet (we went to the garden tour and it was amazing!). Also just walk around the area and park near Spanish steps. There is many interesting shops, restaurants and cafes. Lastly eat a lot of ice cream and remember to drink a lot of water (you can fill your water bottles freely from fountains around the city). I think those were the most important tips i have for now. 🙂

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  2. Ehkä minun olisi pitänyt jäädä vielä tuolle spesiaaliretkelle.
    Hienoja kuvia! Kanssasi oli niin mukava matkustaa, jäi mukavia muistoja.

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  3. Rome is one of my favourite cities. This time, we travelled outisde of Rome making Rome our home base. You can read my blog on Castel Gandolfo, Grattaferata and Frascatti. Cheers!

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    1. Don’t worry about posting twice! It happens for all of us sometimes 🙂

      And I liked Rome too even if I visited Venice after it and fell in love with that city. I will definitely take look to your posts. 🙂

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  4. Very pretty shots of Rome! 🙂 The city still seems extremely dry, which is such a shame. I love your street art; I didn’t notice it so much in Rome, but definitely in other parts of Europe they adorn the streetscape.

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    1. Yeah Rome was dry and hot. I think they had problems with having enough water when we visited. I didn’t see street art in Rome by myself but I went for this local tour (I will tell more about it next Wednesday) and my amazing tour guide took me around areas full of street art 🙂

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