Travel Diary: Montpellier pt. 2

You can go and read the part 1 from HERE


Day 4: Rock Bar or Music Cafe

We ate late breakfast at the balcony and from the early morning it was clear today was going to be warm summer day. The sun shined and birds were singing. Perfect day, I woud say.


We started our day with shopping trip. First we visited big supermarket. Or maybe more like hypermarket. I have never visited so large shop for food. After that we went to Lidl and the things looked more familiar. However I am envious of the bakery section because everything is half the price they are in Finland.

The other different thing to what I have get used to is wine. You found wine everywhere even from Lidl. In my home you can’t buy wines from normal markets. And the prices in France are so cheap!

But to talk more about wines the truth is I hate all alcohols. I haven’t ever drunk any alcohol as much as I did in the four days in Montpellier. And I mean more than I have drunk in the last 20 years. Probably got some kind of poisoning because my first day alone was like hangover day.


After returning home we decided take all sunlight out of this day and spend it sunbathing. So I took my school books, iPod and lied in the balcony for too many hours. I couldn’t really read the chemistry like I meant because I fall asleep. There’s this important test right after I go back to Finland so not studying is causing some trouble… Well I’m not going to think that while in holiday!

At some point the sun set and it was time to leave enjoy Montpellier’s night life. For this whole time I have been here the two madams, who I’m living with, have been exited about this rock bar they want to take me. So when clock got closer to 8pm we left home.

After couple of classes wine I decided to try interesting energy drink

Gazette Café charmed me with the friendly atmosphere and cozy settings. The house filled up with french people of all ages. There were families with small children, old couples, young adults waiting for bars to open and middle aged women meeting their friends in fancy clothes. Everyone seemed to fit in.

The Finnish model of night life is make different hang out places to any age and type of people.  Maybe that’s why I have never enjoyed going out late. I need different people, interesting stories and friendly place to feel good. It’s boring to go night clubs full of clones and drunk people. (ps. this is just my opinion… I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings!)

So the band was going to start before nine but apparently this kind of event are usually late. There was dance lesson going on to anyone who wanted to participate. Dance floor was full but we as shy Finns just enjoyed watching others have fun.

Two hours late the band finally took over the stage. The truth got revealed from first second of music. Not a rock bar. The music was jazz but for music lover like me that didn’t matter. The band was local and their music made my night better. When we left back home, the smile didn’t leave my face. I love traveling. Experiencing things you never though would happen.


Day 5: How many streets is here?

My last day with the two madams. After tomorrow I need to survive on my own. Well I have always been okay alone but it’s still thrilling. This last day we spend walking around the small streets and visiting cute shops.

Am I strange if I love getting lost to labyrinths and old alleys? In Montpellier it’s easy. There is street after street and you could just walk forever and never find your way out.


In the pic above you can see sculptures in front of new opera building Corum. Old headless human bodies (or statues presenting humans) painted in different colors. From Montpellier you can find cool things like this even if you don’t try to look for them!


France is candidate for 2025 World Expo. In the Place de la Comedie was this huge earth for couple of days to promote the event. Many people took pics of it and of course I had too. So then this funny -frightening- thing happened…

So I was for a moment alone and decided to take pic of the earth. There was many people and this one young tourist man tried to take selfie. Minding my own business and trying to take the pic this man startled me.

He come to me and spoke french and of course I did understand he asked if I would take pic of him. So I mumbled something and took his phone. The selfie function was however still on and I didn’t know how to turn it off. I then had to ask him to make the camera “normal”.

Finally I was able to take the pic and return his phone. He spoke some more french to me and I just smiled and tried to look like I understood everything. -I can’t speak any french…- After a too long moment he waved me goodbye and left. Apparently he still thought I was local. I’m not very good with people so the whole five minutes this took I was scared to the death.


Day 6: I’m all alone

This day would also be called how I didn’t survive alone. There was too many embarrassing moments. Not talking french isn’t good idea if you want to visit France. But at least I had practiced to say one sentence.

“Je ne parle pas français”

It means I don’t speak french. Very useful phrase! You can say it to anyone who tries to speak to you. Be guaranteed they don’t try to make contact again. Especial if you combine it with scared look and try to run away from them.


After all the humiliation I decided to go to my temporarily home’s safe environment. Oh, how wrong I was…

In one evening I broke shower and plate, got my earphones dirty from chocolate and dropped full tea mug all over myself and the carpet. I need babysitter!

I will never survive living alone -.-“


Day 7: Rain, rain and rain

This was the day my sister was coming in the town. I had full day of me time before I had to go and get her from train station.

So of course I decided to go and see the city early in morning. Three hours later I came back soaking wet. It stormed a whole day.

With all the free time I had time to practice my second phrase in French. It means I don’t eat pork or beef. -my sister doesn’t eat meat-

Next time I left the apartment was at evening to go to the train station. It was still raining and Montpellier didn’t give as beautiful welcome to my sister as it had given to me. Despite that my sister fell in love immediately.


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