Photo Diary: Street Wanderer in Stockholm

So, I know this post is late but for once I have a good reason! I spent Saturday-Sunday night in death trap some may call cruise ship without internet. (I may have some Titanic traumas, but who doesn’t?) But now I am here and like usually let’s start with photo diary because I am too lazy to write anything. I will publish those full Stockholm and Gdansk travel diaries later on but today I am going to share some photos from my first three days in Stockholm, Sweden.


For me one of the most important aspects of city is its collection of street art. In my scale Stockholm is quite high. You can find graffiti from the most funniest places. One daring and pretty place I fell in love with was Norra Järnvägsbron bridge. These masterpieces may not be the most imaginative or elaborate but the colors get along perfectly with pastel colored old town seen in the distance.


Story of this photo? Well, I may have walked to the wrong direction seen these buildings and walked a few kilometers more to the wrong direction just because why not. It wasn’t the most touristy area so trying to take nice photo to share with you got me a few wondering glances from the locals.


Things I love to photograph: sky, reflections, colors and icy water. Stockholm was like heaven for me…


After going to blogging seminar earlier this year I have started to actively search for spots to take photos in. Apparently the best way of learning is to take million photos and fail miserably. Any good tips for beginner? This photo is me trying to practice straight lines going from the corners towards the center. It should make travel photo interesting to look at but I am not so sure if it works… But at least the locals had fun time watching me to take too many photos of empty bridge on place no tourist should be.


readers who have been here for some time know that I have never ending love for old towns. Stockholm’s Gamla Stan is one of the originals old towns I found and fell in love with. All those small alleys, colorful buildings and cute little shops. How could I not walk here for hours and be on total tourist mode with my camera?


I used my whole first day alone in Stockholm just walking around and taking in the city. I have been there several times but this was my first solo trip to Sweden. (No, I don’t get bored to visiting Sweden over and over again even if you wondered that in my last post!) I love traveling with my friends and family but going alone gives you different perspective of the city. You have time to look at things and visit places you wouldn’t have with other people.


So this odd photo is me being totally lost and not panicking at all.Okay maybe a little panicking because sun was setting and I had walked three kilometers to the wrong direction. Don’t even ask how that is possible… I have good sense of direction but I am even better at getting lost.




Even after visiting Stockholm several times I have never before seen the changing of the guards. This time I was lucky because they were just starting and marching around the castle when I happened to be there. As first time experience this was quite nice because there wasn’t so many people.


And so we are at the last photo. Have you ever been to Stockholm? Or maybe you are planning trip to there? Any comments and your memories are always welcome.
I hope you are having amazing day!

With love,

Viivi Severina



48 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Street Wanderer in Stockholm

  1. Wow this is such a beautiful post! I just discovered your blog and am quickly falling in love with the way you capture the essence of each city.
    Something that I do to try and improve my photography is finding points of symmetry, like you did with the bridge, and then exploring different angles and zoom lengths bit by bit to figure out what ‘style’ I like. Sometimes just zooming in a little bit, or crouching down on your knees, can change the whole atmosphere of a picture! Another challenge I sometimes set for myself is to get an completely boring looking object or building, and see how interesting I can make it look.
    Hope this helps!

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    1. Thank you that means a lot for me! I don’t know if I capture the essence but I try to describe cities like I see them. Hmmm… Making boring building etc. interesting with photography seems like interesting idea. I have to try it. Thanks for the tips I will definitely remember them. 🙂

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      1. I agree, your photography is well composed and colourful. Scandinavia certainly has beautiful colours! Which blogging seminar did you go to? Was it helpful?

        I’m going to Stockholm for the first time end of this month. What cant be missed?

        Thanks for an interesting post. Lauren

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        1. Thank you! I went to this blogging seminar by Finnish travel magazine. It was interesting and it was kind of helpful. I already knew many of the things but definitely worth it!

          And for Stockholm Gamla Stan/Old town is the place you should use a lot of time to discover. If you want to visit museums their photography museum is AMAZING and moderna museet has always interesting modern art exhibitions. I don’t really know what else to recommend. 🙂

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          1. Thanks, great reccomendations for a few days. I always think city sightseeing should include a lot of time for walking and coffee stops as well 😉 perfect! Enjoy your onward travels!

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  2. Amazing blog post!

    I love how you include a brief description underneath each picture. You also used the type of story telling to keep the reader engaged. Can’t wait to read your other biog posts!

    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. I am happy my post has inspired someone! Thank you. 🙂 I hope you will have amazing trip to Stockholm (it is cool city so you definitely will have).


    1. I used to hate taking photos because it is so complicated (writing is more my thing) but lately I have fallen in love with photography and finding cool places to take photos. Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂


      1. I started in just the same way- taking photos just to break up the written content, but it does become addictive when you start to look at the world around you with camera eyes. 🙂

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  3. Love Stockholm! We went there so long ago! Beautiful place, thank you for bringing it back through your photos! I normally take tons of photos – better to take 1000 and edit to a good few than only take a few and realize they all suck.

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    1. We share our love to Stockholm then! I am happy I can visit there often. I agree with you better to take too many photos than to realize that you don’t have any good ones 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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  4. The closest we’ve been to Stockholm is an Ikea store in Burbank, California. But we really loved the photos and it inspires us to make a trip there someday! Enjoyed reading your post.

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    1. Haha well going to Ikea is almost like visiting part of Sweden. You should visit the “real” Stockholm someday. Even if it is nothing compared to Ikea experience 😀 Thanks for commenting!


  5. Indeed we have not seen Stockholm in winter before! We were there in the summer, so a whole lot different!!
    And walking around in the cold of winter would not have been our first choice! LOL. Yes tropical folks we are. A little snow and ice is fine but not too long! And yes we would like to see the changing of the guard too. The Swedes are bringing back conscription!

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    1. Stockholm is more summer city but that’s why it was so interesting to see it in winter. I have too only visited in summer before. Fortunately it wasn’t that cold in there this time. A lot warmer when compared to Finland 😀
      Thanks for commenting!

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  6. Really great shots that capture the atmosphere of the city pretty well!! We have been on a weekend trip to Stockholm two years ago and wrote a few articles about places such as the Vasa musuem, Skansen open air and a few other nice spots. Seeing your article now makes me want to go back again! Lovely city, great country 🙂

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  7. Beautiful photos! This post makes me want to go back to Sweden again because I haven’t been for almost ten years. From what I can remember of that trip, I definitely preferred Stockholm to Göteborg. Loved wandering the old town and getting lost in the narrow streets.

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    1. You definitely should return! I don’t think the old town is changed that much in ten years (except for all the tourist going there nowadays) but the newer side of Stockholm is also interesting to wander around. I have never been to Göteborg but it’s good to know that maybe it is not as nice as Stockholm. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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