Japan: Vending Machines

Of course before traveling to Japan I had heard about the vending machines but I never really realized how many of them there would be. Every corner of street bottles of different drinks are waiting for thirsty passerby.


Japanese Vending Machine

Lemonade and Tea Vending Machines

Cold lemonades and iced teas are the most common machines in Japan. Usually couple of different ones stand next to each other so no one can complain not finding the right drink. If you are lucky the vending machine has also section for hot drinks. Usually tea, hot chocolate or canned coffee.

Because of my nonexistent Japanese skills I had no idea what I was drinking. However I grow attached to the green drink in pic and it’s pink twin bottle.

The one drink I hate and apparently regular citizen loved was some kind of ice-tea (I think??). It’s the one in bottom left corner of the pic. That green one with black text in it. You should probably give it a try but I couldn’t even nearly finish it


Japanese Coffee Machine

Specialty Coffee Machines

I admit that I hate coffee and I never even tried these machines. (Well at least not after the first accidental time…) There are more variety in these machines than in normal cafes. Unfortunately with my bad Japanese skills I can’t tell you much about the drinks you can get from these ones.


Japanese Ice Cream Vending Machine

Ice Cream Vending Machines

Do I even need to mention anything else? Ice cream from vending machine? Japan, you have made me fall for you!

So yeah back to the point… These ones weren’t that usual but I saw one at least once every day in Tokyo. I liked every ice cream I tried even if the prices were more expensive than in convenience stores. For the thrill of using the machine I was ready to pay a little bit more.


Japanese Capsule Toys

Capsule Toys

Capsule toys are the thing in Japan. They are everywhere. Little figures you can get change often and if you are lucky (and wealthy) you can collect different type of toys. Prices wary from 100 to 500 yen and the gifts you get out can be nearly anything from panties to cute tiny mascots.


Japanese Claw Crane Game

Claw Games

I bet everyone knows these games wit craw you use to get prices from the machine. Japan is the promised land of claw lovers. You have game halls 5 floors high full of different this kind of games. You can win anything. Cute stuffed animals, game figurines with big boobs, video games, towels, candies. I think you get the idea, right? Anything is possible here.



Thank you for reading my first post in this blog! My idea is to post new travel themed text every Sunday (or Monday depending where you live) so I hope you will follow me. Next week you are going to get better article about capsule toys and claw games.

Welcome and see you next week!


2 thoughts on “Japan: Vending Machines

  1. >The one drink I hate and apparently regular citizen loved was some kind of ice-tea (I think??). It’s the one in right bottom corner of the pic. That green one with black text in it.

    I think you mean the lower left corner. Yes, that’s a popular brand of Japanese green tea.


    1. Thank you! I fixed my mistake. And now I also know that it was green tea so thank you very much for that information too. 🙂


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