My Dream Trips

After starting my travel blog I planned to continue traveling a lot but bad luck (or evil spirits) have prevented me. I have been quite sick so leaving my home has been no-no. Fortunately I have a lot of memories, advice, thoughts and pictures to share with you! So don’t worry internet (and my bad luck) nothing can’t defeat me.

Due to my sickness I have spent too much time daydreaming and especially planning my future adventures. Today I would like to share my favorite ones with you… Enjoy!



Working on Cruise Ship

I know this is not glamorous job. It’s hard work and many people are complaining about the pay, working conditions and hours. My aim wouldn’t be to fund my future travels but rather have experience beyond compare.

I want to wake up every morning in different place and spend hours after hours looking to the endless sea. Living without internet and phone. Getting to know interesting people around the world, hear their stories and share some of mine.

Only negative side is how I can get shy about speaking in English so I probably would only be able to work as cleaner. However I liked to clean in hostel so I don’t think the job is a lot different in cruise ship…



Seoul, South Korea

First time I heard about South Korea was ten years ago when I had my first encounter with kpop (Korean pop music). It took quite many years before I got interested about the land and not just their music. After visiting Japan last year and hearing there too many times how I should go to Korea I have been dreaming about visiting there soon.

I just happen to love Korean food so this trip may end in bad way (aka me not fitting in the airplane…) but I am ready to risk it. Of course after spending some time there I may stay forever like almost happened with Japan so fitting in airplane will not be my biggest problem.

Ideally I would like to visit Seoul, Busan and Jeju. Seoul is the capital city forming from many smaller cities. Busan is the second largest city and known for its beaches, nature and harbor. Jeju island is full of tourism and there is wide variety thing to do (for me I want to see the nature and go hiking!)



Working Holiday Australia

Work and holiday together. I think it’s perfect way for me to spend one year! Australia has been on my bucket list since forever. In school we got to know its amazing nature and animals. From TV-series (Dance Academy and some other teen series) I fell in love with the settings, cities and culture.

It’s very expensive to go in Australia and I’m scared of the getting job part but it would be adventure. I’m craving for the excitement and danger right now! I need challenges to live peacefully and this would be right one for me.

It takes a lot of work and planning but I may go next year. Or if not then definitely sometime in future.



Hiking E10

European long distance hiking paths (shortened as E-paths) have interested me for long time. How cool would it be to hike through Europe? I decided E10 trail as the one I would do first because it goes thru whole Finland (my home country). Its lengths is about  2,880 km so this would be a long task to do.

The path starts near Finland’s and European Union’s northernmost place. Then it goes through Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France and Spain. It would be difficult adventure because parts of the trail (mostly in Finland) aren’t officially known. For example in Finland some info is only found in old literature so I should do detective work before the trip.

I have always loved nature and solitude so this one is on the top of my bucket list.



Family Holiday to Paradise

I don’t have specific destination for this one. Somewhere warm with all-inclusive luxury hotel. Adventure trips for me and my sister, being on poolside for my brother and amazing food for all of us to enjoy together.

We had one this kind of trip to Egypt when I was younger. Everyone had fun time and we experienced many new things like seeing dolphins and eating too much free ice cream. I wouldn’t mind doing that again.

I’m still living with my family but moving away soon. This would be perfect thing to do before that.



Maybe I will share more of my dreams some time (trust me I have millions of them!). So what are your dream travel destinations? Or do you have some good tips for me? I would be happy to hear your opinions.

So see you next time!

Viivi Severina



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