13 Free things in Montpellier

Montpellier is cozy old city full of students and French tourists. Perfect place to spend summer weekend or visit while in the south France. For broke travelers like me good point is all the free attractions and museums. Here some for those who want to experience Montpellier without a lot of money (or just want to see some pics from my trip…)


1. Office de Tourisme

Start your Montpellier trip from here. Check out what is happening in Montpellier and decide what to do. The staff is helpful and you can get good tips from them. Don’t forget to take the free map!


2. Place de la Comedie

The key place of Montpellier. This plaza never sleeps and even at bad weather people walk trough this main point of the city. Different performers from clowns to break dancers entertain tourists on weekends. Take pictures of beautiful fountain or relax in some of the countless cafes, bars and restaurants circling Place de la Comedie. Perfect for people watching and getting to know the local life.


Night Montpellier
At night Esplanade Charles de-Gaulle is light up beautifully

3. Esplanade Charles de-Gaulle

Starting from Place de la Comedie and ending up to Le corum (the new opera house) goes boulevard worth of seeing. Three major attractions are situated on this road. Musée Fabre, Le Pavillon populaire photography museum and the Office de Tourisme.

Also funny artsy playgrounds, interesting old sculpture (painted in bright colors) and cute small cafes/shops make this street one of the must see places. You shouldn’t miss the cool graffiti that are situated when you walk down the Le Corum’s stairs.


4. Le Pavillon Populaire

Free photography museum. When we went to Montpellier it wasn’t open so I wish you luck. Apparently it’s closed for long times between exhibitions. This is must place to go if it is open.


Montpellier beautiful urban tram
If you don’t cross any tram tracks, you are still in the central area of Montpellier. You will always find back to the Place de la Comedie using tram.

5. The Centrum

In between Monpellier’s tram lines is the centrum part of this old city. Tiny alleys, cute gift shops, tasty cafes and the newest fashion trends. You find almost every of these free sights from this area and even if you don’t want to visit anywhere just wandering around the streets is cool experience.


6. Le Carre Sainte Anne

Changing contemporary art exhibits for free! As environment for modern art this former cathedral is perfect. The new art and old settings make funny contrast. Go tourist office and ask what exhibition is currently on.

Oh and don’t get lost while trying to find this cathedral!


Antigone Montpellier
I don’t admit being like kid and running over that fountain while avoiding the water… It was fun!

7. Antigone

I heard rumors saying how locals hate this part of the city. For me it looked massive and I took pictures in awe. I don’t know how to describe this place. It is big building/buildings between Polygone shopping mall and Le Lez river.

There is some fountains and restaurants. Not must see place but if you have time good place to take rest. And remember go to see the river (you can even cross it!)


Montpellier alley
This is small alley somewhere near museum La Panacee… My map said it should be in this place but like you can see it wasn’t! (Or maybe I just suck at reading maps?)

8. La Panacee

Another free museum! Changing interesting exhibitions and cozy sun patio. Only negative side is how hard it’s to find (even when using map and GPS!) Worth of getting lost and maybe never finding your way out of Montpellier…


9. Odysseum

Wander around shops and visit Ikea. And don’t miss the small plaza full of statues called park for “great men of the 20th Century”. You can also get free postcard of the famous people like Lenin, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi. (This plaza is located the opposite direction of Ikea and left side when coming out of the shopping mall.)


There is my friend Louis XIV. I heard story how the statue spend some time on the bottom of the ocean because the ship originally transporting it sank.

10. Place du Peyrou

Big plaza limiting to Montpellier’s Arc de Triomphe and city’s old six kilometers long water pipe. Good place to take pretty photos and maybe snap selfie with Louis XIV statue. They also arrange big antique flea markets here.


11. Montpellier Zoo

Go and see animals for free. Maybe not the must see place if time is the issue but who doesn’t like to go zoos?


beautiful beach and seashell

12. Trip to see the sea

What would be better way to spend day than visit beach and see the sea? At summer blend in with people spending their holidays and at winter time walk around deserted sea side. Gather beautiful seashells to souvenirs and build sand castles.


Montpellier Graffiti

13. Graffiti sighting

Montpellier is the city of street arts. Just remember to look up and there will be graffiti in the walls. And don’t forget look down because there is graffiti in the ground. Even in Montpellier’s tourist map (get it free from the tourist office) the most amazing street arts are marked.


Have you ever visited Montpellier or France?
What are your thoughts of this country of love and pastries?
I hope you enjoyed my post…

With a lot of love,

Viivi Severina

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    1. I heard a lot of good things about Lyon too when talking to one nice French person in Montpellier. She said Lyon is beautiful place and has many amazing things to experience.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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