Traveling the rest of my life?

Today we are going to talk about how would I travel around the world for the rest of my life. My dreams may be stupid and some of them impossible but I’m just not person who can stand in one place for too long. (Be prepared for long and boring writings by me. For those who don’t have the patience to read check out the bold sentences.)

Two weeks ago I talked about my plans for the future and how I would like to travel the world rather than live the life others call normal. ‘Hasan asked on that post:

I have a question though, you mentioned about deciding to take university or not cause it might get stuck in the way of your travels, how do you manage everything? Like I think if I start going around the world I will HAVE TO abandon the work and everything and if I do that, there is no way I can earn enough to be able to travel around the world or at least some places which I intend to.
I will love to get your thoughts and suggestions about it, thanks.

After I started to think how to respond I realized one life changing fault in my own travel dreams. I have never written down what is my plan and how would I keep traveling full time. It is quite funny because I am usually the person who scribbles her every though in whatever paper she finds.

So today I am going to tell you my plan. (I am making this up right now so let’s see how it goes…) Maybe this will help someone else reading, maybe not. I think everyone have their own path of coming nomad and this is just how I have planned to do it. There is no wrong way of coming traveler or so I hope…

1. Save Money

The harsh reality is that you can’t start traveling if you don’t have money. For me this is the easy part. I don’t drink alcohol (no offense to those who do but it just tastes terrible for me) so I can save the money I would hypothetically spend to drinks.

I don’t pay for movie tickets but get them other ways. I spend time to panels that reward you with movie tickets. Earlier this year I started to do mystery shopping which rewards me also with present cards. So basically try to spend as less money as you can to the not essential things.

2. Make Money If You Don’t Have Any

I have of course though possibilities to start traveling even if I don’t have any savings in the moment when I decide to go. I have many plans but my favorite ones are these two…

Working Holiday. Growing your amount of money to spend traveling seems so boring to do in home, right? So why not do it in Australia or New Zealand? I can’t come up any negative answers for that. So one year working and experiencing new country with the benefits of being able to start your life long travels afterwards. Not so bad deal.

Work on cruise ship. Who wouldn’t love waking up every morning in new place? Even if cruise workers life sounds dream it is hard work and long hours with not so good pay. However you get free housing, food, etc. and get to see the world. For me this sounds perfect way to raise my travel savings.

Funny fact: Both of those are on my bucketlist.

3. Save in Travel Expenses

I don’t need business class flights or fast trains. It’s okay to take cheap night bus or walk around cities. Planning your route from city to city so it will be cheap is important.

For example flying from Finland to London would cost me over 80 euros but is there way to do it cheaper? I can start by taking 20 euros flight to Gdansk, Poland. From there it only costs 10 euros to get in Berlin by bus and from Berlin pay 8 euros to get Cologne from where it would take 8 euros to get in Brussels. And in the end from Brussels to London 14 euros. You still with me? After counting everything together it would take 60 euros from Finland to London and I can stop in many places on my way!

4. Save in Living Expenses

Work to get free accommodation. After working in hostel I found from Helpx I have totally hooked to this way of traveling. If you are not familiar with the site let me introduce the idea for you shortly. You work for the place (usually hostel) for 3-5 hours day and they give you free place to stay.

Last year I stayed two months in Kyoto Japan and didn’t pay anything for the hostel I was staying. Living would have cost me one thousand euros if I had rented a place or stayed in hostels. For addition to the free stay I got some food, tickets to museums/events and inside tips to the city.

I however didn’t fall in love with this way of traveling because all the money I will save. I met every night new people in the hostel’s common room. Listening to their stories was one of the best things that have ever happened to me. And their reaction when they heart I was working in the hostel made me realize I was doing the thing I was always hoped to do. The cool person who works and lives in the hostel and knows all the secrets floating around the city.

5. Find Your Thing

Now when I have theoretically cut down my travel expenses and saved some money I need to find the job I can do while adventuring in far away places.

How do I want to spend the rest of my life? What things do I want to do to get money? What am I good at or better than others? Let’s make that your job. As list lover my way to approach this question is write all my skills. Here is part of the list:

-Writing. I attended many years to creative writing course.
-Solving other people’s problems.
-Making travel plans, finding interesting places from internet
-Doing web searches and finding answer to any question
-Reading tarot cards (btw anyone needing their future predicted? :D)
-Taking decent photographs

6. Work, work, work

Time to make my list sound more like real working opportunities. There is two ways for that: what I hope I can do in future and what I am ready to do. You see, I have always had two dreams. If you have read my blog, you know the first one is adventure around the world. And you can guess the second dream is make living by writing.

Writing is something I am going to do even if no one would read my writings. There however is almost no change for that to come my income. So what is the real plan?

In best case I would be able to get some money from this blog, maybe start youtube channel and review products/holidays/travels from brands I love. In addition that little money I will get from there freelancer writing is my key word. Translating from English to Finnish (after I master my language skills also from Finnish to English). Writing articles, blog posts and whatever.

Making my own writing course is also in planning stage. I know millions of writing practices and prompts. Maybe selling my problem solving skills or tarot card readings in Fiverr? People sell crazy stuff there so I would come up with more. Every cent counts.

Writing to Finnish travel magazines is also big dream with no guarantee to never happen. But girl can hope and dream as much as she likes… Someone please hire me? (I’m not desperate but millionaire husband would be also a good idea?)

7. Just Travel and Believe in Yourself

Sounds stupid but if I don’t leave because being scared of not succeeding there is no way of living the life making me happy. I may return back home crying but it’s not stopping me from trying. This is the way I want to spend rest of my life.

EXTRA… Survey Sites

Did I already mention these? Oh, yes in the first point. Before you call me stupid or something I will reveal to you that I am totally hooked to survey sites. And if you pick right ones you will (slowly) collect points towards travel gift cards! So good way to get some extra spending for your adventures.

Just as example I have been on this site (sorry everyone I think it is only in Finland) starting from the year I turned eighteen. So soon three years. I have had long periods when I haven’t done any surveys so maybe approximately one in month in that three years. Guess how many 20 euros gift cards have I received? Six. So if I had used those to travel gift card I would have gone to 120 euros holiday.

.    .    .

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and hearing about my “dream” plan”. And like always I would be more than happy to hear your opinions. Do you have any tips for me? Or what kind of plans do you have?

I am now leaving towards Helsinki (Finland’s capital) and boarding there cruise towards Sweden. I will see you soon with more travel stories!

With adventurous mind,

Viivi Severina

The Dilemma of Free Flights…

Couple of days ago I checked out how much Finnair points I have and almost fainted. Apparently I have flown more than I would have ever guessed. My points are enough to get round-trip tickets to any European country or Dubai! Now there is one big question left…

Where should I travel?

As cheap person I have to travel somewhere usually expensive. It’s hard to decide so below I have listed some of my options. Where should I go?




Dubai sounds like dream but my mum said straight away she hopes I don’t go there alone. -My sister said how cool would it be to visit Dubai and I agree with her…- So should I listen my mum or take the “risk” and go. What I read about blogs, Dubai isn’t as dangerous and scary as it’s in our heads. So solo travel to Dubai… Dream or reality?

Dubai isn’t on my bucket list but that’s mainly because it seems so far away and too fancy for me. I didn’t know a lot about it before doing some research today. It’s quite expensive (or did I understand wrongly?) but I have got used to expensive in Finland…




I have visited charming Barcelona two or three times (I’m bad person and can’t recall which one) and this city has made me feel like home in its small labyrinth alleys. Of course there would be other cities to visit in Spain like the capital Madrid but I just don’t believe those would delight me like Barcelona.

The beaches are calling for me (and the warmth! Because in Finland we only have the cold…) The flights to Barcelona are usually quite cheap and that is the only reason keeping me away from the free flights to Barcelona.




I’m blaming all the bloggers currently writing about their trips to the Netherlands for adding this one on my list. Photogenic city with a lot of see and do. I would spend time just walking around admiring all the streets and buildings. And the Van Goh museum is place I would love to visit!




I have been three times in London but there is so much to see that it would be nice to go again. Last time was a couple of years ago and I didn’t see a lot because we only went to concert. The times before that I was so young (and with my family) so I couldn’t appreciate the city. Now when I have grown up going again would be interesting experience.




I have never been to Italy but it seems my kind of country. I haven’t decided with city would be best for me. Rome or Venice? I like the culture and architecture of Southern European countries. Many of my friends have visited Italy and everyone comes back with good experience.




First time I added Iceland to my bucket list was at primary school when we learned about it in school. (Of course at that time I hadn’t even heard about bucket lists but I knew that was place I wanted to visit at least once in my life time.)

But is there enough things to do if I want to spend longer time? And I don’t know if I want to go there and suffer from the cold.



This is going to be hard decision… There is so many places I would like to visit and choosing just one is impossible. I accept all suggestions and help so where should I visit? Which country would you like to see me writing about in this blog?

With mind full of wanderlust,

Viivi Severina

13 Free things in Montpellier

Montpellier is cozy old city full of students and French tourists. Perfect place to spend summer weekend or visit while in the south France. For broke travelers like me good point is all the free attractions and museums. Here some for those who want to experience Montpellier without a lot of money (or just want to see some pics from my trip…)


1. Office de Tourisme

Start your Montpellier trip from here. Check out what is happening in Montpellier and decide what to do. The staff is helpful and you can get good tips from them. Don’t forget to take the free map!


2. Place de la Comedie

The key place of Montpellier. This plaza never sleeps and even at bad weather people walk trough this main point of the city. Different performers from clowns to break dancers entertain tourists on weekends. Take pictures of beautiful fountain or relax in some of the countless cafes, bars and restaurants circling Place de la Comedie. Perfect for people watching and getting to know the local life.


Night Montpellier
At night Esplanade Charles de-Gaulle is light up beautifully

3. Esplanade Charles de-Gaulle

Starting from Place de la Comedie and ending up to Le corum (the new opera house) goes boulevard worth of seeing. Three major attractions are situated on this road. Musée Fabre, Le Pavillon populaire photography museum and the Office de Tourisme.

Also funny artsy playgrounds, interesting old sculpture (painted in bright colors) and cute small cafes/shops make this street one of the must see places. You shouldn’t miss the cool graffiti that are situated when you walk down the Le Corum’s stairs.


4. Le Pavillon Populaire

Free photography museum. When we went to Montpellier it wasn’t open so I wish you luck. Apparently it’s closed for long times between exhibitions. This is must place to go if it is open.


Montpellier beautiful urban tram
If you don’t cross any tram tracks, you are still in the central area of Montpellier. You will always find back to the Place de la Comedie using tram.

5. The Centrum

In between Monpellier’s tram lines is the centrum part of this old city. Tiny alleys, cute gift shops, tasty cafes and the newest fashion trends. You find almost every of these free sights from this area and even if you don’t want to visit anywhere just wandering around the streets is cool experience.


6. Le Carre Sainte Anne

Changing contemporary art exhibits for free! As environment for modern art this former cathedral is perfect. The new art and old settings make funny contrast. Go tourist office and ask what exhibition is currently on.

Oh and don’t get lost while trying to find this cathedral!


Antigone Montpellier
I don’t admit being like kid and running over that fountain while avoiding the water… It was fun!

7. Antigone

I heard rumors saying how locals hate this part of the city. For me it looked massive and I took pictures in awe. I don’t know how to describe this place. It is big building/buildings between Polygone shopping mall and Le Lez river.

There is some fountains and restaurants. Not must see place but if you have time good place to take rest. And remember go to see the river (you can even cross it!)


Montpellier alley
This is small alley somewhere near museum La Panacee… My map said it should be in this place but like you can see it wasn’t! (Or maybe I just suck at reading maps?)

8. La Panacee

Another free museum! Changing interesting exhibitions and cozy sun patio. Only negative side is how hard it’s to find (even when using map and GPS!) Worth of getting lost and maybe never finding your way out of Montpellier…


9. Odysseum

Wander around shops and visit Ikea. And don’t miss the small plaza full of statues called park for “great men of the 20th Century”. You can also get free postcard of the famous people like Lenin, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi. (This plaza is located the opposite direction of Ikea and left side when coming out of the shopping mall.)


There is my friend Louis XIV. I heard story how the statue spend some time on the bottom of the ocean because the ship originally transporting it sank.

10. Place du Peyrou

Big plaza limiting to Montpellier’s Arc de Triomphe and city’s old six kilometers long water pipe. Good place to take pretty photos and maybe snap selfie with Louis XIV statue. They also arrange big antique flea markets here.


11. Montpellier Zoo

Go and see animals for free. Maybe not the must see place if time is the issue but who doesn’t like to go zoos?


beautiful beach and seashell

12. Trip to see the sea

What would be better way to spend day than visit beach and see the sea? At summer blend in with people spending their holidays and at winter time walk around deserted sea side. Gather beautiful seashells to souvenirs and build sand castles.


Montpellier Graffiti

13. Graffiti sighting

Montpellier is the city of street arts. Just remember to look up and there will be graffiti in the walls. And don’t forget look down because there is graffiti in the ground. Even in Montpellier’s tourist map (get it free from the tourist office) the most amazing street arts are marked.


Have you ever visited Montpellier or France?
What are your thoughts of this country of love and pastries?
I hope you enjoyed my post…

With a lot of love,

Viivi Severina

10 Free Things in Tokyo

Tokyo is the place with endless free options. I would make the list last forever but I don’t really have enough pictures and time for that. So here is some of my favorite free things!



Tokyo metropolitan government building night
View from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building at night time

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Good place to start your Tokyo tour is from high place where you will be apple to see whole city. -Even the mount Fuji if weather is in your side.- Metropolitan building has two towers and both of then have free observation deck.


sunset in ueno park
Go see sunset in Ueno park
Ueno Park
Ueno Park something for everyone. From kids to grown-ups

Ueno park

Tokyo’s parks are must to visit and Ueno was my favorite. At evenings you may see dancers practicing and at almost every weekend there is some kind of  event. Ueno has beautiful fountain that’s perfect picnic place. It’s right next to Ueno station so it’s easy to access.

Go torii gate sighting or visit temples and shrines. Ueno park is also perfect cherry blossom spot. Come here to calm down and to see normal Japanese people living their every day life. And better not forget the performers you can see at weekends. Everything from magicians to musicians.



Fancy, street style and cute shops. If you want to get in Japan’s teen fashion you should visit here. Roaming and admiring trough all the shops will take forever but it is worth it even if you don’t have money to buy anything.


Shibuya Crossing

One of the busiest intersections in world. After waiting for the green light and trying to get across the street without stumbling over other jaywalkers. At weekend nights people are dressed for partying and you see colors and happy people everywhere.


Anime figures in Akihabara
Just exploring all the figure shops in Akihabara makes it worth of visit


If you are planning to visit Japan you should probably be aware of the anime and manga culture. Akihabara is one of Tokyo’s districts and it has a lot to offer even people not being into Japanese cartoons or comics. It’s famous for its many electronic shops but in my case I recommend visiting the anime/manga figure shops and game halls.

It is unforgettable experience to go one of the narrow aisle shops full of figures and anime goodies. All you can see are glass shelves full of tiny colorful characters. Oh and just warning that it is easy to wander accidentally to mature content areas of shops. (A lot of naked woman characters.)



Who wouldn’t like to try new modern technology? Tokyo is full of different companies’ showrooms waiting for you to come and explore the new products. Go to Panasonic Center play Nintendo games, check out Sony‘s newest products and visit Mega Web to test drive cars.


Senso-ji Temple Asakusa Tokyo
Senso-ji Temple
Senso-ji Nakamise shopping street
You should visit Senso-ji at evenings when the are lights up beautifully in darkness


Senso-ji is Buddhist temple located in Asakusa and the place you should visit if you only have time to see one temple/shrine in Tokyo. It’s popular among locals and tourist and especially at weekend evenings full of kimono dressed youth.

The temple itself is beautiful and free to visit and around it spreads streets full of small shops and restaurants. If you want to buy something small, cute and japan like to souvenirs I recommend visiting the small stalls on the road from temple to metro station.


FT Island Tower Records
Korean boyband FT Island’s promotion in Tower Records

Tower records

Visiting Tower Records music store can be experience even if you are not there to buy anything. Taking pics with big Japanese idol posters or listening the sample songs throws you to the wold of Japan’s music culture. If you are lucky you may even see some idols or live performances!


Hello Kitty Character Street
Hello Kitty Shop in Tokyo Station’s Character Street

Character Street

Tamagotchi, Pokemon and Totoro. Below Tokyo station lies area full of small shops selling different character goods. There is some all time favorites such as Pokemon and changing newer trends like Japanese drama and anime series stuff. Takes pics with cute shop decorations and buy cute souvenirs. Don’t forget to check out capsule toys!


KITTE Garden Roof Tokyo
KITTE Garden is perfect spot to relax and explore the city from the heights

KITTE Shopping Mall/Roof Garden

This shopping mall right next to Tokyo Station has beautiful roof garden with view to the old station building. If you have time and are on the are visit here to calm down between fierce shopping spree. Don’t forget to do some window shopping on the interesting shops that are “highlighting Japan’s unique sense of beauty”.


See you next time!
With love,