Travel Diary: Camping with 17 000 People

Week ago I left to scout summer camp and had amazing two days. 17 000 people camping together in forest and having the best times of their life. And then I become sick and had to return home. How unlucky can I be?

Because I spend so short time in the camp this travel diary will be only 4 photos long. I hope those moments are enough to present you what it’s like to be in scout camp in Finland. More photos from the camp’s official website HERE.


Huge scout camps are always interesting because you get to meet so many different aged, nationality and other way new kind of people. This time we has swedes sharing our small part of the camp. If I had stayed for longer I would been “working” with many different nationalities.

The first time went by building our camp and setting up tents. I was feeling a little bit unwell already but pushed the feeling aside. Fortunately I got to see the camp and everything build there. Tree houses and amazing gates to the sub-camps.


The last thing on our first day was opening ceremony. It’s quite magical feeling when 17 000 people squeeze to look same stage in the middle of forest. There was fire show, music and funny moments. Different nationalities showed of their skills and introduced cultures.

Everything was okay but at the end (handsome) boys took over and everyone went wild. Usually scouts are seen as teens who help grandmas over streets and sell cookies. In reality we can be anything. And at this moment everyone were dancing, having fun and not caring about the world outside our own small city.


I was almost mid night when the show finally ended but fortunately in Finland we have bright summer nights. Then everyone tried to go and eat at the same time and everything was in chaos for a while. I was totally ready to go sleep at this point but I still had to line up to get in toilet.

I fall asleep quickly but woke up in the middle of night when someone tried to get to their sleeping place over me. After that I couldn’t sleep and was feeling super sick. I decided to take short walk and hope my state would get better. It didn’t but I got to witness the sleeping camp.

It’s magical to walk around in total silence. You know there is thousands of people around you but you can’t see anyone. It’s not dark but gloomy. Shadows and mist everywhere. I didn’t have my phone with me so no photos of that beautiful moment. Sometimes it makes good for you to just appreciate something without the camera ready.


This is photo is from my first (and last) morning in the camp and also the moment when I felt so sick that I realized my only option was return home. It’s terrible feeling. You have been waiting for something to happen so long and then your body betrays you and there is nothing to do.

Well at least I get to experience the first night and meet some friends after long time. (I’m trying to keep being positive…) 

Have you ever been on huge camp? Or had to cancel something you have anticipated because of sickness?

I hope you enjoyed today’s travel diary and see you soon!

With love,

Viivi Severina


25 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Camping with 17 000 People

    1. There was many scouts from around the world so I’m not surprised you saw them on the airport . Fortunately I have already been on many camps and will go on the future too. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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  1. This is Awesome. Hatts off to those who managed it because managing 17000 people at a time and at a single place without harming ecology is a tough task. especially waste management!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The best part is that the scouts do everything ourself. If I hand’t left early I would have been doing activities for teens. There is so many different professionals in the camp that everything goes quite smoothly 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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      1. Wooow. You wish you had stayed. It would be an altogether different experience. And it is really great! I would love to attend these kind of camp once in a lifetime!

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  2. What a fun thing to do, I must say. The positive thing should be that you at least got to witness such a gathering. And I know, what being sick at the wrong moment could be ( I got chicken pox on the day of examination I was preparing for months)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I’m happy I at least got to go for a moment to the camp 🙂 Being sick when you have test is the worst! I hope you got to do the test later on and did well. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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