Travel Plan: Bremen, London, Brighton & Rome

I may have made new travel plan that will make some people roll their eyes (sorry, mom and dad…). It is not bad plan but it includes a lot of traveling around and picking up the cheapest option. Also I would have had university entrance exams just now if I hadn’t decided to skip them.

Because this is travel blog but I have never really written anything about my trips before going I decided to start new blogging series: Travel Plans. Nothing extraordinary… Just me telling you about my plan beforehand and maybe asking some tips if anyone has visited the destinations I am going to.

Where did this plan start?

I knew that I want to travel either in May or June but about a week ago I hadn’t done any plans yet. Then I got promotional email from Ryanair saying that flight from Tampere (near the place where I live currently) to Bremen would be only 30€. How could I not buy that flight ticket? After that I had a small problem aka flights back to Finland were too expensive.

I was thinking and thinking until I found out that flights to London from Bremen were only 10€. Of course I had to go there then! But I just visited London and even if I love that city, I really wanted to experience something new. Buying train ticket to Brighton felt almost like a natural thing to do. I have wanted to visit that city for the longest time. I am not even sure why but it just seems like a place I would love.

After booking hostels to my destinations and travel tickets, I still had one big problem… No plan how could I come back to Finland. I am not going to lie. Never coming back may have crossed in my mind. However, I have university entrance exam at the end of May and my sister’s graduation party at June. There is no way I would skip those so I had to come up with non-expensive way of travel from UK to Finland. That’s not easy.

I had to do some planning, desperate searching and counting my budget for too many times before I finally found flight from London to Riga and from there to Helsinki. Not the most easiest one but cheap and the timing was perfect.

This plan was now ready but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t plan more travels during the current week. We have had been speaking about trip to Rome with my mom. After traveling a lot during the last two years I have finally collected enough Finnair points to get free lights to anywhere in Europe. Surprisingly there was also deal to get free lights using lesser points than usually. So, Rome here we come in August!

What to do in Bremen & Brighton?

I really don’t have idea what to do in Bremen but I have some ideas for Brighton. But I would like some tips if anyone knows something about these cities. If I have understood correctly Bremen is quite artsy city with not so many things to do except walking around the city. And then there is of course a few museums I want to visit. After watching some photos it looks similar to Poland’s Gdansk I visited earlier this year.

Then there is Brighton, one of my dream destinations. I have wanted to visit here for the longest time. Mostly because of the huge pier they have. But also because Brighton just seems like a city I would fit in and totally fall in love. It seems like city full of cute shops, cafes, street art and atmosphere. Oh, there is also the world’s oldest aquarium! 

I have also been searching some cool walking tours and events in both cities. For Brighton I have found maybe too many options (oh, my poor wallet…) but for Bremen no luck yet. Any recommendations?


Sorry for the odd post but today is Eurovision day so I didn’t have a lot of time to write! Like always all comments are welcome. Does anyone have any recommendations for Brighton, Bremen, London or maybe Rome? (Also thoughts about Eurovision are more than welcome. Anyone as big Eurovision freak as me?)

With love,

Viivi Severina


14 thoughts on “Travel Plan: Bremen, London, Brighton & Rome

  1. Ooh I love the idea of this series! It’s always such a pleasure getting to hear someone’s thoughts behind why and where they want to travel to…can’t wait to see all the shots from your adventures!

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    1. Haha I must be super lucky then! 🙂 or you really know how to read minds… I will go and read your post and maybe add some new things to my Bremen plan.


  2. In Brighton I’d totally recommend paying the money to go to the Royal Pavilion. It was one place I wasn’t planning to visit but it ended up being a total highlight. It was 11 pounds in 2014 so not sure what it is now but I think it was definitely worth it 🙂

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  3. Hey, I run a photography and travel blog and grew up/live in Brighton! let me know what sort of things you want to see and i’ll recommend my favourite places!

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    1. Thank you! It’s good that there is amazing people like you who are ready to help 🙂 and well I like kind of everything but especially art, everything odd/out of ordinary, music, beautiful places to take photographs (even if I totally suck at taking photos…) and well just everything. The “normal” things I can probably find from internet but if you have any cool or not so popular tips I would love to hear more about those. And thanks once again 🙂

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      1. The lanes are my favourite place in Brighton they are filled with quirky independent shops. And also my favourite places to eat; wai kika moo kau and the Balcony Cafe. The Komedia is also a great cinema and event space. If your there for a few days take an open top bus (No.77) up to Devils Dyke its a great part of the South Downs and gives you views across sussex. Hope you have a great time! feel free to ask any questions 🙂

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